Bowline's review of the new Hobie ProAngler 17

Yeah! I went swimming!

Spring Lake, Santa Rosa, California.

Sunday, my people and I explored the new Hobie ProAngler 17.  What a boat!  This boat is incredibly stable, I could run all over - even chase my ball and not feel like I was going to fall out. There were grip pads on the floor so I didn't lose traction and big hatches where I know they stored all sorts of goodies.

I did take to the water for the first time - I jumped right out of the Pro Angler and went swimming!  I had to jump over the H Rail where you can mount lots of accessories like cup holders, fish finders, rod holders and there is even an accessory tray you can mount (to hold my doggie treats of course)! 

Very comfy seats!

One of the best things about this boat is the Vantage XT seats - what cushiness!  It was difficult to get my people out of one to try but I did for a short time and WOW! I could lay there for days.  Very nappable as you can see by the relaxation of one of my peeps and very versatile.  We could travel in a line or turn our seat around to visit.  I overheard my peeps working on a plan to bring some wine and cheese next time and place a little picnic table in the middle to enjoy the day - boy, I can't wait for THAT - I LOVE cheese!

Watching for ducks!

I watched my peeps do this funny thing like they were walking while they were sitting.  Makes it a bit hard to for me to sit on their laps while they do this but when they do, we go very fast on the water, so I watched for ducks on the rail.  I've heard them refer to it as a Mirage drive, they say it swims through the water like a fish.

Speaking of fish, this boat has lots of places for our fishing rods, two out the back at all times and several extra ones can stow away on the boat.  I love it when we catch fish - my favorite is fish and sweet potatoes - yum!

2 ways to sit inline or...

I'd definitely give this boat a four paws up and can't wait to go out on it again!  Hopefully they remember the cheese!

Perhaps next time I will go for a spin on the Hobie Tandem Island, I hear they are lots of fun!  Until next time, have a Hobie Day!


Looking at each other


Visit Wind Toys to see the new Pro Angler 17.  If you're not convinced by Bo's review and seeing it in person, arrange for an on the water demo to be sure.